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Travel and Rewards Credit Cards.
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Whether you are traveling to Atlanta, Georgia or Los Angelos, California, you can benefit from having a travel and rewards credit card.

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First, determine which credit card is right for you. There are many credit card companies that have credit cards focusing on traveling and rewards from traveling.
Indeed, some store credit cards offer travel reards as well most common research are earning bonus miles, hotel stays and cash back programs. Some of the most comon and most popular travel and reward credit cards are The Capital One Venture Rewards Card which promotes unlimited 2x miles on every purchase. Plus, earn 20,000 bonus miles.

The Capital One Quicksilver Rewards Credit Card is beneificial also. With this credit card you can earn unlimited 1-5% cash back on every purchase, plus a one time $100 bonus.

Travel and Rewards Credit Card Offers

If traveling is a passion with you, what about if you get to do it for almost free of cost? Would you like to travel to exotic destinations at very little cost? If that sounds too good to be true, then you have not yet discovered the joys of special travel rewards credit cards! Credit cards that come with special travel rewards are perfect if you are someone who thrives on traveling. Whether it is an annual vacation with the family or a trip alone for business purposes, traveling certainly is one of the pleasures in life. And with the following credit cards offering a slew of travel rewards, you can now do it with little money out of your own pocket!

Discover It Miles

This is a great credit card for people who love to travel. You get 3x miles for every dollar you pay using the card no matter what kind of purchase it is for the whole of the first year. From next year onwards, you get 1.5x miles per dollar spent. These miles can be redeemed as cash (they will be deposited in an account of yours) or for credit on your travel expenses. Another advantage is that you will not be limited to a particular airline or hotel and you can book your travel anytime and with whoever you wish to. This is the kind of flexibility that will really save you money if you are a frequent traveler. With no annual fees and no foreign transaction fees, you are sorted out as far as your traveling is concerned.
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Chase Sapphire Preferred

With this, you will be able to transfer all your points to Chase’s travel partners at full value. This basically means that for every reward point you get, the travel partner will give you the equivalent number of miles. When you book using Chase’s website, you get 20$ off, and you also get double the rewards when you use your Chase card for travel and dining purposes. The introductory offer is 0% annual fee and it will be $95 from the second year. Chase is also a company known for its great customer support.
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Capital One Venture Rewards

Every dollar you spend with this card, you get 2 miles. Also, if you book yours now, you will get some exciting introductory benefits. If in the first 3 months, you spend $3000 with this card, you get a bonus of 40, 000 miles. This is equal to $400 in cash value! Also, because this card does not limit your travel to particular airlines or hotels, it is more accommodating and flexible to be used for traveling, whether you are doing it for leisure or business. Also, there are no ‘’black-out’’ days on which you cannot travel, which is really great. The first year, you will not have to pay an annual fee and it will be $59 from the second year onwards.
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Travel and Rewards Credit Cards for Occasional Travels

The first in this category is the Citi Double Cash Card. This card offers first a one percent cash back on the purchases made and a second cash back of the same percentage when the credit card holder pays the complete bill within the deadline. For those who wants to earn miles, this card is not for them. The Citi Double Cash card is perfect for domestic-coach travelers looing forward to make some savings for their next vacation.

Travelers who love to eat and spend a lot on food as well as travel will find the Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite MasterCard best suited for their requirements. The credit card holder receives ‘two miles’ which is applicable for all sort of travel related expense that includes cruise, hotels and air travel. One can easily opt for redemption once 2,500 miles are completed.

Travel and Rewards Credit cards For Those Who Travel Frequently

For those always on the run, would need a travel credit card that is as fast as them. In that regard, the very first worth mentioning name is the Citi Prestige card. This is one good option for those who want to travel American and prefers the Lounge Class. This is the new card on the block that has also defeated the American Express Platinum card. With the Citi Prestige, travelers can now have access to the various posh lounges; something which the other cards did not give freedom to. Compared to the other cards, the Citi Prestige Card helps one earn 3 points against each dollar that is spent on hotels and air travels and the points earned can be transferred to the hotel or airline loyalty program. There are additional benefits as well which includes a air travel credit worth nearly $250. This is automatically applicable to all flight related expenses that are charged to your card. With no foreign transaction fees, this is one card worthy of one’s wallet.

The Chase Sapphire Preferred Card is yet another choice for those who are always traveling round the globe. The card deserves a mention for earning the credit card holder a good double points on all purchases related to traveling and dining. The points earned on this card can be transferred to airline frequent flier programs as well as to loyalty programs from major hotel chains.

So, as far as choices are concerned, there are plenty. Just have the patience to go through all the different cards had to offer and then make your pick.

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