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American Express Credit Cards.
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American Express Credit Cards

American Express has designed such exclusive programs that will guarantee their customers rewards with every purchase they make. Hence, they try to make shopping easier for the customer. They aim at developing a strong merchant- consumer relationship by making transactions effortless for them. This whole idea of cashback is to promote the use of credit cards among the customers as well to allure them to pay their interest on time.

Let us now see what are the various rewards and cashback at American Express that are used to make life easy for the consumers:
The Blue Cash Everyday Card From American Express
This card will offer you cashback on certain purchases as laid down by the terms and conditions of its use. This card provides

  • 3% cashback at the supermarkets residing in U.S.A. with up to a purchase of $6000 per year.
  • 2% cashback in the gas stations of US.
  • 2% cashback is awarded in few popular US departmental stores
  • 1% cashback on other purchases.
With the issue of this card you will be receiving reward dollars that can be regained as a statement credit. For the beginners, this is a nice credit program to rely on.
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SimplyCash Business Credit Card
This card will help to restore the money invested in your business with the cashback reward program. With the help of this card you could:
  • Earn cashback of 5% in any US office supply stores.
  • 5% cashback can be earned on mobile or on the go telephone services that has been bought directly from U.S. service providers.
  • Earns 3% cashback in the gas stations in U.S.
  • 1% cash back is provided on miscellaneous purchases.

The Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express
Similar to the Blue cash Everyday card, with this one as well you can avail

  • 6% cashback offered in the US supermarkets when up to $6000 is spent behind purchases per year
  • 3% cashback is offered at US gas station
  • 3% cashback at selected US departmental store
  • 1% cashback can be availed on other purchases.
  • The cashback secured will be in reward dollars that can be regained back as statement credit.
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American Express Credit Cards