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Business Rewards Credit Cards

The truth about business rewards credit cards is simple: you donít need to have a big organization or boardroom to reap the benefits. In fact, you donít even need to have a business! You can be a freelancer, a contractor or some other professional as well to potentially get a business rewards credit card. Especially, the people who are self-employed can reap many benefits from such cards because it can help them keep a track on how much they are spending as well as get many business benefits. Here are the best business rewards credit cards of 2015.

Chase Ink Plus
This is an all-round card if getting business rewards is something that is important to you. With the Chase Ink Plus, you get 50, 000 bonus points if in the first 3 months of opening the account, you spend $5000 with the card. This is $625 worth of travel expenses if you use the Chase Ultimate Rewards program! You can also earn 5X points for every dollar you spend in purchasing things like cable TV services, internet, phones, landlines and office supplies and this is till you reach $50, 000 each year. Also, you earn 2X points for every dollar you spend in hotel accommodations and gas stations when the purchases are combined. Your employees get free cards, there are no foreign transaction fees and no annual fee for the first year: all in all, a really great business rewards card.

SimplyCash Business Card
This card from American Express is a great idea for people who donít like paying an annual fee. With this, you can get 5% cash back when you buy wireless internet from U.S. providers and U.S. office supplies. The twist this card brings is that it lets you choose a category for which you will get 3% cash back. From airfare to hotel rooms, gas stations to car rentals, you will have many categories to choose from to get 3% cash back. If you hate paying an annual fee and want to earn business rewards, this is a great card to get.

Capital One
This is a business rewards credit card which offers a flat rate. Sometimes, all you want to know is that no matter what you buy, you are going to get cash back for each and every purchase you make. You have two options to choose from: Capital One Spark Cash for Business and Capital One Spark Miles for Business. The first is a cash back card and the second is a mileage one. They will give you either 2% or 2 miles for every dollar you spend, which is great if that is what you want from a business card. With no limit on the number of miles you earn or the amount of cash back, it can be a successful choice for any business person.

Choosing a great business rewards card can be difficult because there are just too many numbers to crunch. However, with the great choices above, it can make your selection a bit easier.